Alumni Survey

2018-2019 HEDS Alumni Survey

NEW version available for advanced degree alumni! Contact Ivaylo for more information.

The HEDS Alumni Survey asks alumni about the quality and impact of their undergraduate educational experiences, including cocurricular activities such as internships, study abroad, and community service. The survey also asks alumni to evaluate the impact of their undergraduate education on their postgraduate critical thinking, problem solving, and other learning outcomes. Finally, the survey asks about postgraduate employment, college satisfaction, and college debt.


The HEDS Alumni Survey asks alumni to report on five dimensions of their undergraduate experience:

  • Good Teaching and High-Quality Interactions with Faculty
  • Challenging Assignments and High Faculty Expectations
  • Interactions with Diversity
  • Growth on Intellectual Outcomes
  • Growth on Civic Outcomes


We recommend that you administer this survey to alumni 5 and 10 years after graduation as we can only guarantee comparison data for those class years. The 5-year-out cohort includes alumni who graduated in 2013 and 2014, and the 10-year-out cohort includes alumni who graduated in 2008 and 2009. You may also administer the survey to alumni who graduated at other times.

You can administer the HEDS Alumni Survey for any 3−6 week period between September 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. The latest possible date to begin administering the HEDS Alumni Survey is June 9, 2019.

You must register at least 3 weeks prior to the date on which you plan to begin administering the survey.

All institutions will receive: summary reports that compare your alumni to alumni at all other participating institutions on key indicators in the HEDS Alumni Survey, a frequency report that compares your alumni to alumni at all other participating institutions, and an SPSS and/or Microsoft Excel file with your participants’ responses.

Institutions in HEDS can also request an SPSS and/or Microsoft Excel file with student-level data from HEDS institutions that participated in the last few years.

The base cost of the survey is $500 for institutions in HEDS and $1,800 for institutions not in HEDS. There are some custom options for additional fees.

Michael Thompson, Illinois Wesleyan University

“The HEDS Alumni Survey is unique because it gets into academic data and not just employment outcomes. We like that it touches on satisfaction, student-faculty interaction, and mission and value issues.”


Diane Saphire, Trinity University

“We liked the question that asks how different experiences contributed to alumni’s learning and personal development. We ended up using data from that question in a recent strategic plan, which calls for a new center focused on study abroad and international experiences in response, in part, to how high those experiences were rated.”


Susan Warner Taylor, Baldwin Wallace University

“We use the HEDS Alumni Survey for academic assessment, as it provides evidence for our university learning outcomes. We like being able to align survey items with our outcomes, then filter the results by major and share them at the program level.”


Jon Christy and Nan Hibbs, Luther College

“We like that we were able to analyze the HEDS Alumni Survey data by college major. By doing so, academic departments could see where they were in comparison to the college as a whole.”


Charles Clark, Knox College

“The questions about how their undergraduate experience at Knox impacts their personal development and knowledge are very important and useful to us.”

Learn more about your Institution’s alumni by registering for the 2018-2019 HEDS Alumni Survey.

Please contact Ivaylo Mantchev if you have questions.