HEDS COVID-19 Response Information

We appreciate the many thoughtful suggestions we’ve received from our colleagues at HEDS institutions about resources we could develop to support their institutions in this challenging time. We thought it would be helpful to list these resources in a single location to make them easier to find. We list these resources below. We will update this page with new information and new resources when needed. If you have any ideas about other work we could do to help you or your institution, please contact Charlie Blaich and Kathy Wise.

HEDS COVID-19 Surveys

Fall 2020 Surveys

We are offering three new surveys this fall that are designed to check-in with your students, faculty, and staff to see how they are settling in and adjusting to their current learning, teaching, and working environments.

The faculty and staff surveys will be available on October 28, 2020, are intended to help you learn how satisfied your faculty and staff have been with their teaching and working environments this fall, as well as the institutional support they have received. The student survey is now closed. It was intended to help you check in with your students at the beginning of their fall term to see how they are adapting to their college experience during the pandemic.

You can find details on our fall surveys here.

Spring 2020 Surveys

We created three short surveys to help institutions assess the impact COVID-19 changes had on students, faculty, and staff.

More than 42,300 students at 65 institutions responded to the student survey. More than 6,300 staff members from 29 institutions responded to the staff survey and about 4,200 faculty from 28 institutions completed the faculty survey.

All of the surveys included questions designed to gauge how students, staff, and faculty at your institution experienced your institution’s response to COVID-19. The student and faculty surveys had an optional module of open-ended questions about experiences with teaching and learning in the online environment initiated by the crisis.

Summary Reports from Spring 2020 Survey

Overall Data from our COVID-19 Institutional Response Student Survey – This is an Excel file of overall data from our spring 2020 COVID-19 Institutional Response Student Survey. These data were from 41,000 students at 64 institutions and was collected April through June, 2020.

Overall Data from our COVID-19 Institutional Response Staff Survey – This is an Excel file of overall data from our spring 2020 COVID-19 Institutional Response Staff Survey. These data were from more than 6,250 staff members at 29 institutions and was collected April through July, 2020

Overall Data from our COVID-19 Institutional Response Faculty Survey – This is an Excel file of overall data from our spring 2020 COVID-19 Institutional Response Faculty Survey. These data were from more that 4,000 faculty members at 27 institutions and was collected April through July, 2020.

Copies of the spring surveys are available on our Spring COVID-19 Surveys page.

HEDS Member Institutions’ COVID-19 Responses Spreadsheet

We wanted to create a single location where you could learn more about how other HEDS institutions are responding to COVID-19. To this end, we’ve created an editable spreadsheet for people from HEDS institutions to learn how other institutions in the consortium are responding to COVID-19 and post information about their own institution’s response. The spreadsheet includes information such as:

  • Fall Instructional Plans – Information from institutions about if and how they are changing: fall study abroad; fall internships and off-campus programs; fall classes; and/or tuition.
  • Fall Extra-Curricular and Sports – Information from institutions about how they plan on handling intercollegiate and intramural sports, social and academic clubs, and performing arts.
  • Fall Health Concerns and Policies – Institutions’ responses to how they plan to monitor the virus spread, new policies to ensure safety, and responding to positive cases.
  • Fall Student Life – Institutions’ responses to testing for COVID-19 during move-in, new policies in dorms to allow for social distancing, changes to Greek life, changes to food service, and share any policy exception requests from students.
  • Technology – Institutions’ responses to technology concerns as they are moving to online instruction.
  • Student Concerns – Institutions’ responses to students with no place to go if the campus closes, maintaining communication with students and parents, and requests for room and board refunds.
  • Faculty and Staff Concerns – Institutions’ responses for faculty and staff working remotely, providing support services, and sick leave policies.
  • Tips and Best Practices
  • Links to Institution COVID-19 Webpages – A list of links to institutions’ public webpages focused on their COVID-19 responses.
  • Links to Outside Resources – A list of resources focused on higher education’s response to COVID-19.

The sheet now includes information from over 75 HEDS institutions. Our thanks to the many people at HEDS institutions who’ve taken the time to post and update details about how their institution is responding to COVID-19. You’ve helped to create a valuable resource for your colleagues across the consortium.

The spreadsheet is a live document that you may update if your information changes. This means that you should also check it periodically for the latest information. For the direct link please contact Macanda Myers. Please also feel free to reach out to Macanda if you have ideas for new kinds of information that might be useful in the spreadsheet.

HEDS Listserv Archive

The HEDS Listserv has been very active over the last couple of months, and it’s easy to lose track of messages that may have been relevant to your work. If you are looking for a particular message and can’t find it in your email, you can always search for it in the listserv archives. If you do not have the URL and password to access the archives, please contact Barb Lawhorn and she will forward them to you.

HEDS Surveys

All of our current HEDS surveys will continue to be open for administration during their typical windows. We know that the disruptions caused by COVID-19 may make administering them problematic in many ways. We’re glad to work with you to revise how you are administering these surveys or to cancel a survey and return your survey fee–whatever works best for you.

Moving Forward

We are sure there will be many more changes and adaptions required in the coming months. Please continue to reach out to us with ideas about how we can support your work. We know that these are hard and uncertain times for you, your colleagues, your students, and your leaders. Whatever happens over the next couple of years, we promise to be here and to do everything we can to support you.

We will announce any changes and new tools on the listserv as they occur, but we will also keep this page updated as a central location for all COVID-19 related announcements, so be sure to bookmark it.

Last updated October 17, 2020