Fall 2020 COVID-19 Surveys

We are offering three new surveys this fall that are designed to check-in with your students, faculty, and staff to see how they are settling in and adjusting to their current learning, teaching, and working environments. The student survey is now available. Please check back soon for the faculty and staff versions.

Student Survey

This short survey is intended to help you check in with your students at the beginning of their fall term to see how they are adapting to their college experience during the pandemic. You can use this survey to evaluate how satisfied your students are with your institution’s efforts and to learn how they may be struggling.

The survey will take about 5-10 minutes to complete and is optimized for mobile devices. The student survey is not anonymous to allow people at your institution to reach out to students who need help. You may administer the survey between September 8 and October 15, 2020. However, if you need this survey outside this window please talk to us.

You may view the survey instrument by clicking on the red box to the right. The Wabash College IRB approved the survey. The approval letter is available here.

Who can use this survey?

This survey is designed to be administered:

  • by any college or university, 2-year or 4-year;
  • to any student, undergraduate or graduate; and
  • for any learning model: face-to-face, remote, or a blend of each.

What do we get with this survey?

  • You can customize your survey with up to 3 supplemental questions.
  • We can administer the survey for you in a variety of ways. We will discuss options with you after you register.
  • You will receive a link to a report to view your incoming results in real-time.
  • We will send you a raw data file within two days of your survey closing.
  • We will create and send you a ready-to-share comparison report and a compilation of your participants’ responses to the open-ended questions once all surveys have closed.

What does it cost?

This survey is free for our members. For institutions that do not belong to HEDS, we charge $750. We may need to charge large institutions additional fees depending on response rates. Please contact us to learn more. For information about membership, please visit our Join HEDS page.

As with our spring COVID-19 surveys, any college or university may use or adapt these three fall surveys to meet their internal needs. There is no charge. If your institution does this, please let us know, and please cite HEDS as the source of the survey by adding “© 2020 Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium” to the survey. We do not permit anyone to sell these surveys or to include the questions from these surveys in a product that you sell. We also do not allow for-profit entities or other organizations to use or adapt these surveys without our permission.

Please contact Lisa Kidd if you have questions.

Call 1-765-361-6170 Email