As a primary contact, you are responsible for the following:

We will contact you about all of the consortium’s data sharing opportunities. If there are surveys or types of institutional data that would be useful to people outside of your office or involve data for which they are responsible, please forward the information about these opportunities to them. We will keep you apprised when other people on your campus contact us about participating in or providing data for a HEDS data sharing opportunity.

You will have to sign off on your institution’s participation in any HEDS surveys or other data sharing activities.

You are also the only person at your institution who is eligible to vote on consortium matters, including the election of board members, changes to the consortium’s by-laws, and approving the consortium’s annual budget.

You are responsible for letting the HEDS staff know which people at your institution should have access to HEDS data on or can participate in the listserv.

Finally, you are responsible for reading and abiding by the Statement of Understandings for your institution. This means that you are also responsible for ensuring that anyone at your institution who has access to HEDS data understands their obligations as described in this statement.

Each member institution must designate a primary contact.

Submitting Contact Changes

Once a year, during membership renewal, we will send the primary contact a list of the people who have access to HEDS services and ask them to update the list. Primary contacts may also submit contact changes throughout the year.

Please use the HEDS Contact Change Form to add a colleague to HEDS services, to remove a colleague from HEDS, to adjust a colleague’s permissions, or to transition a new primary contact. If you have questions, please contact Camella Ashment.

Checking Permissions

Primary contacts may ask for a list of the people who have access to HEDS services at their institution at any time by contacting Camella Ashment.