HEDS Resources


Statement of Understandings

The HEDS Statement of Understandings captures the reasons and rules for how we share data, knowledge, and expertise. All HEDS member institutions agree to abide by the Statement of Understandings to ensure the confidentiality of data shared through the consortium.

The Statement has two components: the Principles & Values Statement, which captures the reasons for how and why we share data, knowledge, and expertise; and an Operative Statement, which provides specific guidance and details about sharing for the current set of information and resources available to HEDS members.

 HEDS Primary Contacts

This link contains information on the Primary Contact’s responsibilities, including how to submit contact changes to HEDS.


HEDS Listserv Guide (PDF)

The HEDS Listserv is a discussion group HEDS members use to post questions about institutional practices, comment on higher education topics and issues on HEDS campuses, and receive just-in-time answers to pressing questions. We also use it to keep members updated on HEDS affairs and services.

 Box User’s Guide (PDF)

HEDS uses Box.com, a commercial web application that provides institutions a secure, password-protected, online storage repository for HEDS institutional data. This document gives instructions on how to set up your account and use Box.


If you have further questions, please contact us. We’re happy to help.