2022-2023 HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey registration will open in August.

HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey

The HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey asks your students how satisfied they are with their academic experiences, course instruction, campus services and facilities, and campus life.

You can use information from this survey to:

  • identify strengths and areas for improvement in four key areas of student experience that promote student success; and
  • learn more about how students with different identities and backgrounds experience different parts of your institution.

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You can administer the HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey for any 3-6 week period between October 15, 2021, and April 30, 2022.

The survey is designed for undergraduate students at 2-year and 4-year institutions.

Please register at least three weeks before you plan to administer the survey, to allow us time to work through the administration details and testing with you.

Institutions that administer the HEDS Student Satisfaction Survey will receive:

  • a report that compares your students’ results to those of students at other participating institutions;
  • a compilation of your students’ responses to the open-ended questions; and
  • SPSS and Microsoft Excel files with your students’ responses. We will add values/labels to the SPSS file.

You can also request a post-survey phone consultation with a member of the HEDS staff about your institution’s survey data.

YES!  Here’s how:

  • We insert your institution’s name at the top of each page of the survey
  • You can add up to three supplemental questions at the end of the survey
  • You can customize the survey invitations and reminders

The survey is free to HEDS member institutions. The base cost for institutions not in HEDS is $2,100. There are some custom options for additional fees. You will find full administration and cost details under Downloads.

This survey is one part of a suite of surveys and data exchanges focused on student success that are free as part of HEDS membership.

To learn more about becoming a HEDS member, please visit our Join HEDS page.

Please email or call Becky D’Amato at (765) 361-6097 with any questions.

Please contact Becky D’Amato if you have questions.

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