Assistant Director of the Center of Inquiry and Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium


University of Arkansas, BA and MA


Kelly McDorman works with Charlie and Kathy to lead the Center of Inquiry in all of its work. Kelly specifically manages day-to-day operations, as well as oversees finances and budgeting. While Charlie and Kathy spend much of their time traveling, Kelly primarily fulfills her role from our office at Wabash College and oversees the rest of our team.

Prior to joining the Center of Inquiry in 2005, Kelly taught college communication classes, including public speaking and small group communication. She also pursued a PhD from Indiana University.

Kelly believes the Center of Inquiry can be an asset to colleges and universities and says, “I think one of the hallmarks of our work is that we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach. We know every institution has its own culture, strengths, and areas for improvement. We work with institutions within their unique circumstances. There isn’t a single approach that works for all.”