Following is a partial list of presentations for the conference. A full schedule for the conference is available here.


AI + IR: Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

William O’Shea (Pacific University)


Approaches to Student Success and Retention from an IR perspective

Bethany Miller (Cornell College) and Susan Canon (St. Olaf College)


Assessing Inclusiveness and Engagement in Cultural Diversity and Global Learning: Lessons from NSSE’s Topical Modules

Jillian Kinzie (NSSE Institute, Indiana University)


Assessing Innovation: Roundtable Discussion

Robert Jones (Bryant University)


Assessing Introductory Courses: Creating Conversations About Learning Through Student Surveys

Laura Palucki Blake and Katherine Van Heuvelen (Harvey Mudd College)


Assessing a Writing Gen Ed Requirement: Roundtable Discussion

Bill Altermatt (Hanover College)


Assessment of Curricular Inclusivity

Katherine McGuire (Oxford College of Emory University)


Beyond Surviving: Changing How We Look at Student (and Employee) Thriving

Ross Conover (St. Mary’s College of Maryland)


Building Assessment so that It Matters for Our Students and Our Faculty

Mary Alice Kirkpatrick (Furman University), Susan Warner Taylor (Baldwin Wallace University), Leah Adams-Curtis (Knox College), and Charlie Blaich (HEDS)


Developing a Diversity and Equity Campus Climate Survey

Catherine Gagne (Providence College), Charlie Blaich, Adrea Hernandez, and Kathy Wise (HEDS)


Doing More with Less: Developing an Institutional Research Student Intern Program

Ann Palcisco and Erika Farfan (Kenyon College)


Doing What We Do for the Institution, for Ourselves: Strategic Planning for IR, IE, and Assessment Functions

Gina Johnson (Association for Institutional Research) and Jason Rivera (Dickinson College)


Evaluating the Quality of Administrative and Academic Assessment Reports While Providing Formative Feedback

Kristy Crickenberger (Washington and Lee University)


HEDS Alumni Survey Conversation in Two Parts: Roundtable Discussion

Jon Christy and Nan Hibbs (Luther College)


Integrated Marketing and IR: Roundtable Discussion

Ellenor Anderbyrne and Tim Jones (Beloit College)


Leveraging Resources for Data-Informed Decision Making

Leah Ross (Association for Institutional Research), and Bethany Miller (Cornell College), Katrina Mintz (Samford University), and Darlena Jones (Association for Institutional Research)


The Lifeline Project: Suicide Prevention at Lawrence University

Kristin McKinley and Julie Haurykiewicz (Lawrence University)


A Longitudinal Examination of Attrition Using National Student Clearinghouse Data

Amanda Moske (Hartwick College)


The Matrix Revolutions: Collaboration Between IR and IT in a World Awash with Data Reporters and Analysts

Mike Tamada (Reed College), Kristen Handley (Whitman College), William O’Shea (Pacific University), and Ken Brown (Whitworth University)


The Promises and Perils of Assessing Grit and Other Non-Cognitive Skills: Roundtable Discussion

Ellen Altermatt (Hanover College)


Results from the Whitman Study of Student Learning Experiences

Neal Christopherson (Whitman College)


A Sea of Data: Sharing Data Across Campus

Bethany Miller (Cornell College) and Ellenor Anderbyrne (Beloit College)


STEM Degree Completion Among Underrepresented Students

Allison Hill and Diane Saphire (Trinity University)


Student Affairs Professionals’ Commitment to and Competency in Assessment: Spotlighting an Often Untapped Partner in Evidencing Student Learning

Sara Finney and S. Jeanne Horst (James Madison University)


Systematic Peer Review of Program Assessment Practices: Benefits, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

Rob Bohall and Rebecca Hernandez (George Fox University)


The Vital Role of Metrics in Diversity-Related Strategic Planning

Karen Lee (Point Loma Nazarene University) and Karen Lee (University of San Diego)


Whose Data Is It Anyway? Data Sharing Across Campus Departments and Campuses

Colleen Wynn (Claremont McKenna College), Marco Antonio Cruz (Pitzer College), Junelyn Pangan Peeples (Scripps College), and Laura Palucki Blake (Harvey Mudd College)