HEDS occasionally supports projects led by people at HEDS institutions. We describe one of these projects – an exploration of the collaboration between advancement and academic affairs – below. If you are interested in working with HEDS on a research project or learning about research projects that are in the works, please contact Charlie Blaich. We’re happy to either connect you with a project or help you develop your own project.

Survey on Collaboration between Advancement and Academic Affairs


This HEDS research project is designed to learn how advancement/development professionals and faculty at colleges and universities understand one another’s work and to identify ways to make their collaboration both easier and more productive.

What do we know about how these colleagues work together and what they understand about this relationship? How can advancement and academic affairs best collaborate with each other? Are there ways that leaders can support and develop these relationships? We think these questions are relevant for institutions whose budgets are stressed in the post-COVID landscape of higher education. Many schools are placing additional emphasis on fundraising that could ease budget pressures and fund programs that support student persistence and success.

The surveys will ask people about their experiences with, attitudes toward, and knowledge of the work of their colleagues. For faculty, the survey asks about their experiences with advancement colleagues and their level of knowledge about advancement operations. Conversely, advancement staff will answer questions about their understanding of the work of faculty and administrators in academic affairs. You can download the full survey from the document section on this page.


Any college or university can participate in this research project. Your institution does not have to be a HEDS member. There is no cost to participate for any institution.

The survey will be available from January 3 to February 11, 2022. Your institution can specify any time frame for your survey administration within this window.

The survey is anonymous. Names, email addresses, and IP addresses will not be connected with responses when you receive your data. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

By June 1, 2022, you will receive: a file with your participants’ responses (without personal identifiers); a brief summary of your survey results; and an overall summary of the results from all participating institutions.

If you would like to participate or have questions, please contact Frank Boyd, HEDS Senior Research Fellow, at frank.a.boyd@gmail.com.